On-line Giving

Online Giving at FBCLS

Online giving allows you to make your financial contributions securely through ACS Technologies/Vanco by logging into your member or guest user account at AccessACS.

You can also easily track your contribution record from your AccessACS account at any time of the year without having to wait for end-of-year reports from our financial office.

We hope that you find this utility easy to use as well as convenient.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us immediately. Our church office number is (816) 525-0700. Thank you for your contribution - not only financially, but to Kingdom work!

You Need to Know:

You will Be Re-Directed to an External Site.

Why? The online giving module at AccessACS is on a secure server. Do not be alarmed that you are directed away from fbcls.com - this is normal.

What is AccessACS? ACS is our church software that manages our membership database and financial records.  FBCLS has used ACS for several years.

You must have an AccessACS account. If you don't already have an AccessACS account, you will need to set one up to give online.

Are you a member?  If you have an account or need to create an account, then, click this link to go to the account login/create screen. A valid email is required.

Not a member but still want to give? Then, click this link to go the the non-member account create/login screen. A valid email is required.

Is it safe? Absolutely. By setting up an account with us, you can keep track of your ministry involvement, financial contributions, the church calendar, and keep your information on file completely up to date.

Are there any fees? There are no fees of any kind to sign up for an AccessACS account at FBCLS. This utility is for your convenience.

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